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[ NNSquad ] Report: Franken reiterates opposition to AT&T/T-Mobile deal

Report: Franken reiterates opposition to AT&T/T-Mobile deal

    "Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) rejected pleas from organized labor to
     reverse his opposition to the proposed AT&T/ T-Mobile merger at a
     meeting Wednesday, MinnPost.com reports.  "I am very suspicious of
     consolidation of power," he told the news website prior to the
     meeting.  The Minnesota AFL-CIO sent a letter to Franken earlier this
     month urging him to support the merger, and the Communications Workers
     of America wrote an op-ed saying the deal deserved his support.  Labor
     groups argue that allowing AT&T to buy T-Mobile will lead to a larger
     unionized workforce because AT&T employees are unionized, while
     T-Mobile's employees are not.  But Franken told the labor groups he
     believed the merger would destroy jobs and lead to higher phone bills
     for consumers."

 - - -

In general I'm a supporter of unions, but in this case one gets the feeling
that the AFL-CIO would support a merger with Darth Vader Enterprises, Inc.
(a Division of Death Star Empire Ltd.) if they thought that more members
would be a result, regardless of the negative effects on consumers.

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