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[ NNSquad ] Researcher raps Apple for not blocking stolen SSL certificates

Researcher raps Apple for not blocking stolen SSL certificates

http://j.mp/ofpVbD  (Computerworld)

    "A security researcher criticized Apple for what he called "foot
     dragging" over the DigiNotar certificate fiasco, and urged the
     company to quickly update Mac OS X to protect users.  "We're
     looking at some very serious issues [about trust on the Web] and
     it doesn't help matters when Apple is dragging its feet," said
     Paul Henry, a security and forensics analyst with Arizona-based
     Lumension.  Unlike Microsoft, which updated Windows Tuesday to
     block all SSL (secure socket layer) certificates issued by
     DigiNotar, Apple has not updated Mac OS X to do the same."

 - - -

Perhaps Apple was too busy commandeering local police officials to
assist in trying to recover a lost iPhone prototype?  Priorities!
"SF police launch probe into iPhone search": http://j.mp/qnY3pk (CNET).

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