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[ NNSquad ] California: Appeals Court Approves Cell Phone Search During Traffic Stop

California: Appeals Court Approves Cell Phone Search During Traffic Stop

http://j.mp/rf40oH  (theNewspaper)

     "In sum, it is our conclusion that, after Reid [Nottoli] was arrested
      for being under the influence, it was reasonable to believe that
      evidence relevant to that offense might be found in his vehicle,"
      Justice Franklin D. Elia wrote for the three-judge panel.
      "Consequently, the deputies had unqualified authority under Gant to
      search the passenger compartment of the vehicle and any container
      found therein, including Reid's cell phone. It is up to the US Supreme
      Court to impose any greater limits on officers' authority to search
      incident to arrest."  The court reversed the lower court's order
      suppressing the evidence, but the decision was made solely to set
      legal precedent. Reid Nottoli died on September 4. A copy of the
      decision is available in a 120k PDF file at the source link below.

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