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[ NNSquad ] Free Texts Pose Threat To Carriers

Free Texts Pose Threat To Carriers

http://j.mp/qNaDWi  (New York Times)

    "Professor Keshav estimates it costs the carriers about a third of a
     penny to send text messages. Considering that the major carriers
     charge 10 to 20 cents to send and receive them, "it's something like a
     4,090 percent markup," he said.  At 20 cents and 160 characters per
     message, wireless customers are paying roughly $1,500 to send a
     megabyte of text traffic over the cell network. By comparison, the
     cost to send that same amount of data using a $25-a-month,
     two-gigabyte data plan works out to 1.25 cents."

 - - -

Of course, most heavy text (SMS) users have flat rate or high volume plans
that bring the per-msg cost down.  But they're still a ripoff.

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