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[ NNSquad ] CSU police official calls for colleges to monitor students online

CSU police official calls for colleges to monitor students online

http://j.mp/ofsE9r  (California Watch)

   "Morris acknowledged that there are flaws in his proposal, the most
    significant being that universities do not know what data signifies a
    threat. "Once you've got information, what do you do with that?"
    Morris said.  "I don't know what the volume would be. I don't know
    what the data would look like.""

 - - -

I don't know why Lt. Michael Morris is stopping with online
surveillance! We can put cameras and mics in the dorm rooms, too! And
why stop at students? Think of all the crimes we can stop (and other
goodies we can collect!) if everyone's email, houses, bedrooms, and
cars were monitored at all times! We can collar those pesky freedom of
speech protesters too before they get in the way! And the Occupy Wall
Street groupies. And religions we don't like! And people of the wrong
color! And people who speak Spanish! Wear flip-flops to work! Overdue
library books! Left-handed persons! People that have sex! And so on!

I have an idea, Lt. Morris. Stick with handing out parking tickets.
Your constitutional credentials are on par with the old Soviet KGB.

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