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[ NNSquad ] Dracula vs. Nosferatu: A True Copyright Horror Story

Dracula vs. Nosferatu: A True Copyright Horror Story

http://j.mp/n3j0ez  (Plagiarism Today) [You can't make up these site names!]

   "Though the slip up that caused Night of the Living Dead to lapse into
    the public domain is most likely the best-known case of copyright
    affecting horror movies, it is far from the only nor is it the first.
    The truth is that copyright has been creating havoc with horror movies
    for as long as there have been horror films, all the way back to at
    least 1922, when the estate of Bram Stoker, the author of the original
    Dracula novel, took an upstart video company that made an unlicensed
    adaptation of the book."

 - - -

You can really sink your teeth into this article.     *NO!*
This really exposes the bloodsuckers in this debate.  *OUCH!*
It's amazing what you can dig up on these issues.     *THE PAIN, THE PAIN!*
This is just another nail in copyright's coffin.      *PLEASE, MAKE IT STOP!*
You really have to be bats to fully understand this.  *OK, I'LL LEAVE NOW!*

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