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[ NNSquad ] Could Covering A Song On YouTube Land You In The Slammer?

Could Covering A Song On YouTube Land You In The Slammer?

http://j.mp/pDiNln  (Web Pro News)

   "As of right now, there is a bill in the United States Senate that
    would penalize those who stream copyrighted materials over the
    internet. S.978 would make this action a felony, punishable with up to
    5 years in prison."

 - - -

And luckily, there's *so much free space* in prisons right now, there
won't be *any* problem finding cells for such violaters -- well, so
long as we let all the violent prisoners go free anyway!  But the
music industry will be protected!

One would *almost think* the politicos had been bought off by the
industry, given the twisted priorities in play.  NAW...

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