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[ NNSquad ] L.A. Times on E-PARASITES legislation (they are not enthusiastic)

L.A. Times on E-PARASITES legislation (they are not enthusiastic)

"A bipartisan attempt to regulate the Internet?"

http://j.mp/uOwGwu  (L.A. Times)

    "There's broad support for cutting off the financial lifeline for
     piracy hotbeds. But the bills' requirement that ISPs try to block
     their customers from reaching those sites has drawn opposition from an
     array of technology companies and networking engineers, who warn that
     it would encourage consumers to use alternate domain-name servers.
     That, in turn, would fragment the domain-name system and stymie
     efforts to make the Net less hospitable to malware.
     Tech companies are also concerned about the power the Senate bill
     would grant to copyright holders to seek injunctions against sites
     they believe are dedicated to infringing activities -- a description
     that Viacom's attorneys could well have applied to YouTube before it
     started automatically checking uploads against a database of
     copyrighted works. But the private right of action in the House bill
     makes the Senate provision seem tame by comparison.
     Instead, this one will test the relative clout of copyright and
     trademark holders against Google, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and the
     hands-off-the-Internet crowd. There's consensus to be had on combating
     the likes of The Pirate Bay, but it's not to be found in HR 3261."

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