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[ NNSquad ] Google+ Blocking Issues Redux

Google+ Blocking Issues Redux

http://j.mp/sL43cX  (Google+)

[ Note, any not-logged in user can see any public G+ posts, regardless
  of "blocking" status.  This is as it should be, since "public IS public,"
  and I oppose efforts to dilute the concept of "public." ]

+Kee Hinckley - Regarding the discussion of blocking at your
referenced link below. Much as I love Google+ overall, as far as I'm
concerned, the entire "blocking regime" in G+ has become a hopeless
(and in some cases even dangerous ) jumble. And it's getting worse,
not better.  

There are a number of problems, but among the most obvious are that
blocking is a "feel good" gesture only -- it doesn't actually prevent
anyone from seeing any public posts. This means it gives the
impression of blocking but in a fundamental sense doesn't actually

This is the worst of all possibilities, because it tends to lead
people into an inaccurate impression of people's profile postings, the
contents of message threads (where some replies simply vanish, leaving
the rest of the threads confused) and so on. Even worse, by tying the
concept of (supposedly) preventing someone from seeing your posts with
preventing you from seeing their posts (when logged in) it puts the
"blocking" party at risk of not fully understanding the actual
postings that can still be seen by other persons, either logged-in
and/or not. 

This is a mess that needs to be rethought out from first principles.
And significant changes should not be made on an ad hoc basis
(especially without prior notification) when they have these kinds of
effects. Many of the issues otherwise associated with blocking could
be avoided by more flexible thread moderation mechanisms:
http://j.mp/v7t2fV. Also see my original discussion of G+ blocking
issues: http://j.mp/pjR4nE. Thanks.

(Ken's referenced message on Google+: http://j.mp/se32lj )

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