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[ NNSquad ] West Virginia (wisely) shelves online voting -- for now

West Virginia (wisely) shelves online voting -- for now

http://bit.ly/rNi4e5  (Republican American)

   "Secure Internet voting is a bit like the phrase 'safe cigarettes,'"
    said Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Ron Rivest. "It's
    just an oxymoron. It's just not possible to do this securely."

 - - -

Ron is 100% right.  I've written on this topic fairly extensively, see
"Hacking the Vote" from 2000 for example (all those italics on that
site's posting of my essay weren't my idea!) - http://bit.ly/s4fSfK

And since 2000, nothing has fundamentally changed that would make online
voting any safer -- perhaps the opposite.

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