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[ NNSquad ] In UK, higher-speed broadband uptake remains low even when available

In UK, higher-speed broadband uptake remains low even when available

http://j.mp/swafxY  (PC Pro UK)

  "We've been waiting for years for true "superfast" fibre-optic
   broadband, but now it's here it seems few people actually want it. At
   least, that's the impression given by Ofcom chief Ed Richards'
   comments earlier this week, when he said superfast (24Mbits/sec+)
   broadband uptake was "still low" and largely confined to families with
   teenage children."

 - - -

In conversations with Time Warner Cable personnel here in L.A., I've heard
much the same.  They've said that in this area, only a small percentage
of users are choosing other than the lowest and slowest grade of broadband
service.  I *believe* I read recently that system-wide, TW subscriber
uptake of higher speed services was about 18%.

The highest normally available speed from TW in this region is 50/5
delivered via DOCSIS 3.  Howevever, 30/5 (since it can be bundled with
other services, while 50/5 can't be under TW's current pricing) tends
to be a more attractive selection than 50/5 from a cost/benefit

Still, it appears that most people have yet to be engaged in ways that
make anything even approaching those speeds particularly attractive to
them at current prices.

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