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[ NNSquad ] House Judiciary Committee Refuses To Hear Wider Tech Industry Concerns About SOPA

House Judiciary Committee Refuses To Hear Wider Tech Industry Concerns
About SOPA

http://j.mp/v8sfwh  (techdirt)

  "Today, we're hearing that the head of NetCoalition, who many people
   expected to represent the wider tech and internet industry's
   significant concerns about SOPA has been denied a seat at the
   hearings. This is the same group that has been requesting a seat at
   the negotiating table all along, and has been denied by the MPAA and
   its supporters. Basically, the decks are being stacked so far in favor
   of SOPA, that next week's hearing will be a total joke. We're even
   hearing rumors that it will now be 4 representatives in favor of SOPA,
   and no one who will represent the wider concerns of the internet
   industry that's about to be regulated. Instead, the committee is
   looking for someone who will only raise some specific narrow concerns
   about the bill."

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"You want a seat at our table?  Cross our palms with silver!"

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