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[ NNSquad ] Putting the Brakes on Web-Surfing Speeds

Putting the Brakes on Web-Surfing Speeds

http://j.mp/tSP16L  (New York Times)

    "The latest results, based on 121,247 tests run from January through
     October, suggest that throttling is being done everywhere in the
     world. The results for each operator may not be representative, for
     several reasons. The sample sizes for each operator vary, from 36,000
     in the case of NTT Docomo of Japan, to just a hundred for smaller
     ones. There is also a 4 percent to 5 percent chance of "false
     positives" - indications that throttling is being done when it is not."

 - - - 

Actual throttling rates aside, I would assert that the probability of
false positives is probably much higher than 4-5%.  Trying to correctly
measure this aspect accurately "from the outside" is notoriously difficult.

NNSquad Moderator