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[ NNSquad ] The Other Shoe Drops: Massive Coalition Forms to Oppose ICANN TLD Expansion

The Other Shoe Drops: Massive Coalition Forms to Oppose ICANN TLD Expansion

87 Major Assns. and Businesses Join with ANA to Form Coalition to
Oppose ICANN's TLD Expansion Program

    "Eighty-seven major national and international business associations
     and companies have joined forces with the ANA (Association of National
     Advertisers), forming the Coalition for Responsible Internet Domain
     Oversight (CRIDO) to oppose the rollout of ICANN's top-level domain
     expansion program. Among the many influential members of CRIDO are the
     Grocery Manufacturers Association, the National Association of
     Manufacturers, the American Society of Association Executives, the
     National Restaurant Association, the Intellectual Property Owners
     Association, the American Council of Life Insurers, the U.S. Chamber
     of Commerce and the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA).  The WFA
     represents a global network of 51 advertiser associations representing
     some 90 percent of global marketing communications spending,
     equivalent to $700 billion annually.  On behalf of its many
     constituencies and industries, CRIDO is committed to aggressively
     fighting ICANN's proposed program, citing its deeply flawed
     justification, excessive cost and harm to brand owners, likelihood of
     predatory cyber harm to consumers and failure to act in the public
     interest, a core requirement of its commitment to the U.S. Department
     of Commerce."

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One word: EXCELLENT.

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