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[ NNSquad ] Alexandra Petri in Washington Post: "Stop SOPA"

Alexandra Petri in Washington Post: "Stop SOPA"

http://j.mp/s7VKVn  (Washington Post)

   "Either the people behind the bill don't realize the horrible
    possibilities it would leave open, or they're doing it on purpose. I'm
    not sure which possibility is more frightening.  The phrase "a bill
    that would open up unprecedented tools for online censorship is
    currently being discussed by a group of middle-aged people who did not
    grow up with the Internet" has the same chilling effect on me - and
    most Internet watchers - as the phrase "your child has just been
    handed to a drunk bear on a tightrope over a pit of molten lava." Our
    palms begin to sweat. We start dashing off letters to everyone you can
    think of.  And we're right to be terrified."

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