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[ NNSquad ] "The e-mail rumor mill is run by conservatives"

"The e-mail rumor mill is run by conservatives"

http://j.mp/uUM08Q  (Washington Post)

   "Of the 79 chain e-mails about national politics deemed false by
    PolitiFact since 2007, only four were aimed at Republicans. Almost all
    of the rest concern Obama or other Democrats, such as Hillary Rodham
    Clinton. The claims range from the slightly daffy (the White House
    wants to rename Christmas trees as "holiday trees") to the serious
    (the health-care law will grant free medical care to all illegal

 - - -

The article didn't seem to say it outright but I will. I think part of
the problem is that there are more just plain ignorant and prejudiced
people on the right, ready and willing to accept such garbage as fact.

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