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[ NNSquad ] Ruined water pump apparently wasn't attacked by hackers after all

Ruined water pump apparently wasn't attacked by hackers after all

http://j.mp/vLku0D  (Wired)

   "A report from an Illinois intelligence fusion center that a water
    utility was hacked cannot be substantiated, according to an
    announcement released late Tuesday by the Department of Homeland
    Security.  Additionally, the department disputes assertions in the
    fusion center report that an infrastructure-control software vendor
    was hacked prior to the water utility intrusion in order to obtain
    user names and passwords to break into the utility company and destroy
    a water pump."

 - - -

Some of you may recall I was skeptical of this report early on. While
there's still confusion, I will say again that the "Quick! Blame the
evil hackers and foreign governments testing our defenses!" excuse for
local screw-ups should always be considered as a strong contender
in these situations.

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