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[ NNSquad ] Sen. Lieberman grandstanding again, wants a Google Blogger "Terrorism Reporting Link"

Sen. Lieberman grandstanding again, wants a Google Blogger "Terrorism Reporting Link"

http://j.mp/sNrKJ0  (Talking Points Memo)

   "Now Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) wants Google to implement a policy
    explicitly banning terrorist material on their Blogger servers and set
    up a YouTube-style "flag" system to bring such material to Google's

 - - -

Ah, Sen. Joe is at it again.  Since all Google Blogger blogs are
already replete with "Report Abuse" links, and my reading of the
Blogger ToS would suggest that the blog in question would now likely
violate those terms, the need for ToS changes or explicit "Report an
Evil Terrorist!" links would seem superfluous at best.

And in fact, in response to my query, Google informed me that the blog
in question had been independently flagged for review and violates
Google's existing policies.

Since Lieberman has shown some disdain for due process in such matters
in the past, perhaps he is concerned that the blog wasn't instantly
pulled down before such a review is completed.  

But the blog does not appear to be an imminent threat, and I would
assert that existing Google policies are handling this situation 
just fine.

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