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[ NNSquad ] Group wants to bring "American Idol"-style "third party" Web-based voting fraud to 2012 election

Group wants to bring "American Idol"-style "third party" Web-based
voting fraud to 2012 election
http://j.mp/tVpS6H  (This message on Google+)

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http://j.mp/tAcp5g  (Washington Post)
   "Others warn that the group could become an experiment in technology
    gone wrong.  "Occupy Wall Street has discovered Americans Elect. The
    tea party has discovered Americans Elect," said one strategist, who
    spoke on the condition of anonymity to be frank about the effort.
    "What happens if it gets hijacked?"  But Americans Elect officials
    think they can guard against fraud with a secure Internet site built
    by a former chief technology officer of E*Trade, a stock-trading site.
    They note that corporations have used the Internet for secure proxy
    and shareholder votes for years."

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There hasn't been much incentive to hack shareholder votes.  The incentive to
hack something like this would be enormous.  The naivete of this group is
breathtaking.  Ready, set, hack the vote!

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