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[ NNSquad ] FCC removes report on AT&T/T-Mobile merger - Is the replacement version the same?

FCC removes report on AT&T/T-Mobile merger - Is the replacement version the same?
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Yesterday I noted the availability of a long FCC report explaining why
they felt the AT&T/T-Mobile merger was not in the pubic interest.
Various observers have interpreted the report as the FCC calling AT&T a
liar regarding various issues.  AT&T condemned the release of the

This morning I was flooded with messages noting a 404 on the relevant FCC link.

The original report was (as far as I can tell now) at:


This link is indeed now dead.

Until a few minutes ago, the cover letter for the report continued to exist at:


But that link has also now gone dead, though the Google Search results for that URL
still show that it was originally present.

The report now is available at:


This version shows significant blocks of redacted "Confidential Information"
and does not appear to be text searchable.

I did not have time yesterday to go through the report at the
original location in detail.

I would appreciate it if anyone who has a local copy of the report
from the original location, would confirm to me that the report from
both locations were identical -- in particular that the redactions
noted in the current version were present in the version that the FCC
apparently removed from its original URL.

Thanks much.

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