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[ NNSquad ] Saul Bass Pitch Video for Bell System Logo Redesign

Saul Bass Pitch Video for Bell System Logo Redesign (1969)

http://j.mp/v5Flo1  (YouTube / 27 minutes)

Long before AT&T's push to assimilate T-Mobile, many years before
the breakup of the Bell System, AT&T underwent the largest
corporate "re-identity" program ever deployed in the U.S.

A major part of this was the introduction of the iconic "New Bell Look,"
with the new "symbolic" AT&T "bell" logo.  

This rebranding was based on the design work of the brilliant Saul Bass,
perhaps most known for his innovative film title sequences, but 
actually a graphics design genius in many fields.  He also went on to
design the 1982 AT&T "Death Star" logo for the divested AT&T, which was
used until SBC ("the new AT&T") replaced it in 2005 with what I've called
"the marble" - http://j.mp/vrKD1G (Lauren's Blog).

This YouTube video, just uploaded from the incredible AT&T Archives,
is Saul Bass' "pitch" to AT&T execs for the proposed new logo design,
very much in the production style of the late 60s.  Enjoy.

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