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[ NNSquad ] AT&T/T-Mobile discuss "Plan B" / Copy of "original" FCC merger report available

AT&T/T-Mobile discuss "Plan B" / Copy of "original" FCC merger report available
http://j.mp/ummmeC  (This message on Google+)

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AT&T and T-Mobile are reportedly discussing a "network sharing" plan
as an alternative to the merger, though officially they still state
there is no "Plan B" contemplated.  AT&T has blasted the FCC report,
claiming it is biased and unfair.

http://j.mp/rAdnTg  (Reuters)

Also, in response to my request yesterday, several people sent me
"earlier" copies of the FCC report on the merger -- thank you, all!
Relatively cursory examination suggests that they are all redacted in
the same way and include identical content, though the one marked as
earliest has a different byte count from the others.  Since the FCC
has been playing musical chairs with the report URL, leading many
people to get 404s on access even with the later links, I have placed
a copy of that "earliest" version on my servers for your convenience:

http://j.mp/vaqwr4  (Lauren's Blog / PDF [~21 MB])

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