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[ NNSquad ] AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile admit to using Carrier IQ; Apple says it doesn't anymore

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile admit to using Carrier IQ; Apple says it
doesn't anymore + my comments

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http://j.mp/vVRV3J  (Fierce Mobile)

   "The controversy over Carrier IQ illegally tracking cell phone users'
    activities continues. AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T), Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S)
    and T-Mobile USA have come forward, admitting to using Carrier IQ
    software, albeit allegedly only to improve their network performance.
    On the other end of the spectrum, Apple said it stopped using Carrier
    IQ's platform in the latest version of its operating system, iOS 5."

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As I noted originally, it seems unwise to "pile on" in this situation,
given that the facts are not entirely clear.  In particular, it
apparently has not yet been demonstrated that CIQ is actually
*transmitting* specific user data that would be trigger wiretap laws,
irrespective of ephemeral data collection on the device to gather
service and use statistics that are being sent.

My gut feeling is that in this case there may be parties opportunistically
attacking ahead of the facts, and that it is quite possible that the
failures in this situation are mainly ones of transparency, disclosure,
and user control, rather than the much more serious issues of "wiretapping"
per se.

We shall see.

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