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[ NNSquad ] Two Chances to Connect Faces with Names

With Lauren's moderator approval, I offer the following:

I am guessing that many on this list will be attending South by
Southwest in Austin in March, and many will be attending Freedom to
Connect in DC in May. Since I live in Austin, and will be attending
F2C, I would love to use both opportunities to connect faces with

I am thinking of two things -- one is a specific meeting time and
place, say during a conference break, for those attending or in the
area to stop by and see who else from the list is there.  The other is
some identifiable signal, like a colored dot to wear on your
conference nametag that lets others know you are both (a) on the list
and (b) interested in meeting others on it. (No one has to share my
interest in connecting names and faces, of course).

I am already registered for F2C (special cheap rate for those
registering before Feb 1). Others? SXSW?

Conference organizers are reluctant these days to release attendance
lists, so the fact of your attending either of these would be
"list-confidential" as is the general list rule. I will
compile a list of those both (a) going or in the area and (b)
interested in connecting faces to names, but will only share the list
with those on it. If you are going but do not have time or interest in
meeting, I promise to respect that.

Here's hoping to meet many of you at one or the other of these events.

Rollie Cole PhD,JD
Founder, Fertile Ground for Startups and Small Firms
Helping Build Environments for Multiple Startups and Small Firms to Thrive
5902 Westslope Drive
Austin TX 78731-3655

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