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[ NNSquad ] Twitter's new "push-button" censorship regime

Twitter's new "push-button" censorship regime

http://j.mp/An4jOr  (EFF)

   "Yesterday, Twitter announced in a blog post that it was launching a
    system that would allow the company to take down content on a
    country-by-country basis, as opposed to taking it down across the
    Twitter system."

 - - -

This problem doesn't exist just for Twitter. But I am very concerned
that these country-by-country takedown systems will evolve into
"push-button censorship" regimes, where countries will feel that it's
easy to kill any material they don't like, and Twitter (or whomever)
will feel that as long as their takedowns only affect specific
countries they should immediately comply with any such requests. The
friction of "pushback" against global takedowns will be largely
missing. This could potentially be an enormous win for censorship --
for any manner of reasons -- around the planet. It is essentially
capitulation to censorship, rather than fighting against it. And
transparency alone won't help that much, because many censors care
very little about who knows of their actions.

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