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[ NNSquad ] Google, Facebook, Microsoft, others announce anti-phishing effort

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, others announce anti-phishing effort

http://j.mp/yjuXpE  (Wired)
   "On Monday, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and eleven others
    outfits announced they had formed a new alliance to combat phishing -
    a way of fooling email and web users into providing sensitive
    information, including credit card numbers. The alliance is known as
    Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, DMARC
    for short, and the aim of this sprawling alliance is to lay down new
    email standards that help stop the nefarious practice."

 - - -

This is a good project, but it is important to note (as the article
itself indeed does mention) that this technique is really a domain
protection mechanism -- it does not protect against email that uses
social engineering to target recipients with similar or otherwise
confusing domain names to carry the payload of their phishing attacks.
One might reasonably expect those attackers to employ increasingly
sophisticated techniques to fool users into accepting those ersatz
domains as substitutes for the official domains, and of course
previously unknown (but important looking) domains will also likely
continue to find many victims.  Still, any incremental improvement in
fighting phishes is to be strongly encouraged.

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