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[ NNSquad ] Hawaii legislator kills his own comprehensive Web tracking data retention legislation

Hawaii legislator kills his own comprehensive Web tracking data retention legislation
http://j.mp/yhPWR6  (This message on Google+)

You may recall around five days ago that I noted this story:

Hawaii may keep track of all Web sites visited:
http://j.mp/wYfWgu  (CNET)

regarding a Hawaii legislator who introduced massive Web tracking/data retention
legislation.  I have now received a press release indicating that he
is killing the measure himself, at least for the present time:

 - - - - - - - -

From: Rep. John Mizuno 
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 3:32 PM
Subject: RE: H.B. 2288 and S.B. 2530


State of Hawaii

NEWS RELEASE                                        Contact: Rep. John M. Mizuno   

For Immediate Release                                                 T. 808-586-6050


HONOLULU, HAWAII.  State Representative John Mizuno (Kamehameha
Heights, Kalihi Valley, Fort Shafter), Chairman of the Committee on
Human Services announced today that he handed a memorandum to the
Chair of the Committee on Economic Revitalization & Business to either
hold HB2288 or indefinitely defer the bill, effectively killing the
bill for 2012.

Rep. Mizuno stated, "The intent of my bill, HB2288, was to provide law
enforcement with greater tools to secure electronic evidence against
criminals who use the internet for illegal purposes.  My concerns have
been targeted toward the pedophiles and predators who surf the
internet, 'trolling' for children.  I was also concerned with internet
scams toward our elderly, identity theft, hackers attacking personal
and business websites, and illegal activity which hurt legitimate
business and consumers everyday on the internet.  I have been aware of
the incredible national attention this measure has caused, and after
reviewing the thousands of emails and hundreds of phone messages,
along with the various news stories, I believe it would be in the best
interest of all parties that we kill this bill for 2012.  I am
extremely encouraged that law enforcement is working with internet
providers and consumer protection advocates on crafting language for a
bill to properly secure certain electronic evidence, while protecting
privacy rights and businesses from undue costs.  Therefore, I would
like to give the stakeholders and all interested parties the time and
opportunity to continue working on this measure for future


I welcome and encourage you to continue to share your thoughts with me
about these and any other issues that are of concern to you.  Please
continue to contact me via e-mail at repmizuno@capitol.hawaii.gov or
call me at (808) 586-6050 or fax me at (808) 586-6051.  Also, please
add me as your friend on facebook under Representative John Mizuno as
I provide timely legislative updates on this venue.  

Sincerely, John

John M. Mizuno
Hawaii State Representative, House District 30
Chairman, Committee on Human Services
Member of the following Committees: Health, Human Services, Education, Higher Education, Hawaiian Affairs, and Culture and the Arts
Leadership Position:  Majority Whip
Co-Chair Legislature's Keiki & Kupuna Caucus
Chair, Health & Human Services Committee, National Asian Pacific American Caucus of State Legislators
Vice Chair, National Conference of State Legislature's Human Services and Welfare Committee
Member of the National Conference for State Legislatures Standing Committee on Human Services and Welfare
Majority Policy Advisory Member


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