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[ NNSquad ] South Korean man faces jail for retweeting North Korean Twitter messages

South Korean man faces jail for retweeting North Korean Twitter messages

http://j.mp/yVNyns  (The Next Web)

   "A 24 year old man is facing up to seven years in jail in South Korea
    after he retweeted messages on Twitter that were sent by neighbouring
    North Korea's government.  According to a report from the AFP, Park
    Jeong-Geun has been detained as a national security threat since being
    arrested last month for re-tweeting the messages, which included "Long
    Live General Kim Jong-Il". However, Park claims that he acted to
    ridicule the rival nation's leaders rather than endorse the sentiments
    of the tweets."

 - - -

That's *South* Korea behaving in this abominable manner.  The country
we've spent vast numbers of lives and enormous sums of money
supporting for many decades.  And they behave just like any other
censorship-happy dictatorship.

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