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[ NNSquad ] U.S. government, military to get secure Android phones

U.S. government, military to get secure Android phones

http://j.mp/w8smEn  (CNN)

    Some U.S. officials this year are expected to get smartphones capable
    of handling classified government documents over cellular networks,
    according to people involved in the project.  The phones will run a
    modified version of Google's Android software, which is being
    developed as part of an initiative that spans multiple federal
    agencies and government contractors, these people said.
    However, the government chose to work on Android first because Google
    already allows people to tinker freely with its code, said those
    working on the project. Federal officials have met with Apple, but
    they were told they could not have access to the core of the company's
    mobile operating system, said Angelos Stavrou, an information-security
    director at George Mason University who is working on the government
    project as a contractor, in a phone interview.  "Android was more
    cooperative in supporting some of the capabilities that we wanted to
    support in the operating system, whereas Apple was more averse,"
    Stavrou told CNN. "They're shifting the strategy now."

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