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[ NNSquad ] Help users in Iran reach the internet

Help users in Iran reach the internet

http://j.mp/wbnsJf  (Tor Project)

   "In the last 48 hours a major campaign of filtering has started in Iran
    - it started slow and now appears to be that nearly all SSL/TLS
    traffic is blocked on a few major Iranian ISPs. Details are rather
    rough but we're working on some solutions - we've long had an ace up
    our sleeves for this exact moment in the arms race but it's perhaps
    come while the User Interface edges are a bit rough still.  Here's the
    deal - we need people to run Tor bridges but a special kind of Tor
    bridge, one that does a kind of traffic camouflaging - we call it an
    obfuscated bridge. It's not easy to set up just yet because we were
    not ready to deploy this for everyone yet; it lacks a lot of analysis
    and it might even only last for a few days at the rate the arms race
    is progressing, if you could call it progress."

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