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[ NNSquad ] Disney, Warner Bros. Fighting Over 'Wizard of Oz' Trademarks

Disney, Warner Bros. Fighting Over 'Wizard of Oz' Trademarks

http://j.mp/zgGby6  (Hollywood Reporter)

    "Although Baum's book and accompanying illustrations are in the public
     domain, justices at the 8th Circuit last year decided to give Warner
     Bros. "character protection" under its copyright on the 1939 film
     starring Judy Garland. In the case, which concerned a company that
     attempted to sell film nostalgia merchandise, the appellate circuit
     ruled that it would be hard to visualize these characters without
     watching the movie, even if one had read the book beforehand."

- - -

Warner even went after a neuroscience book titled "If I Only Had a
Brain."  Too bad we can't just throw a big bucket of water on the
Warner legal team pushing this, and see them melt into the ground like
the Wicked Witch of the West.

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