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[ NNSquad ] Another p[layer in the recent AT&T game]

It's really important to keep in mind what's actually happening.  The
carriers have created artificial scarcity and have been imposing
arbitrary limits on data, with no real requirement that these be
justified in any way.  Having succeeded so far in Phase 1 without
realistic push back, they're moving on to Phase 2 -- monetizing the
"back end" beyond the artificial data caps, by attempting to squeeze
money out of Web services themselves.  It's a fool's game all the way.
And if we play along, *we* are the fools.

NNSquad Moderator

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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 10:04:48 -0500
From: Dave Farber <dave@farber.net>
Subject: [IP] Another p[layer in the recent AT&T game
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From: Anita Taff-Rice <ataffrice@boxtop.tv>
Date: Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 8:03 PM
Subject: brief summary of FreeBand technology
To: "David J. Farber" <dave@farber.net>


Here is a short summary of Box Top's FreeBand technology.  Please let me
know if you need any additional information.

Thanks for your help!



Box Top Solutions has developed a reverse billing technology -- "FreeBand"
-- that provides a means for mobile carriers to price and sell bandwidth
(peak and off-peak) to third-parties who wish to pre-bundle this bandwidth
directly into customized "green" apps for use on end-user mobile devices
(e.g., "green" apps = free bytes included; red/normal apps = no free bytes)
.  The model is based upon the well-established consumer preference of
"free delivery" of goods and services (e.g., free delivery of books, pizza,
mail, flowers, 1-800 voice), save that the free delivery applies to the
electronic bytes being consumed by the various apps on the end-user's
mobile device.  A consumer installs the FreeBand applications on his or her
device and then uses these "green apps" to access online education,
tele-health, job training, government benefits, entertainment, goods, etc.
without being charged for bandwidth by the underlying carrier because the
provider of the services/goods is paying instead.  For the unconnected,
FreeBand applications provide a way to overcome the hurdle of costly
committed monthly charges.  For users who currently have a data plan,
FreeBand applications allow them to exceed data caps without paying overage
charges and/or allow them to subscribe to cheaper data plans since the
FreeBand applications will reduce the amount of bandwidth they need to buy
each month.

We believe it is inevitable that the market will move to this "sender pays"
model.  AT&T and Orange have both announced plans to provide subsidized
bandwidth paid for by a third party or the carrier.  With Box Top's
FreeBand app creation and deployment technology a carrier can easily offer
this byte delivery service to any party (merchants, content providers,
government agencies, etc.) wishing to subsidize the byte delivery of its
audience via a flexible, low-cost, and scalable reverse billing system
capable of keeping track of what bytes are paid for, when, for how much,
and by whom.  In essence, FreeBand makes it easy for the subsidizing
parties to create swarms of self-monitoring FreeBand apps that do the
bandwidth monitoring and billing on the mobile device itself.  We do not
believe that carriers can accomplish the same level of dynamic and flexible
metering and monitoring by using in-network functionality such as deep
packet inspection, which is cumbersome from a technology perspective and
raises significant privacy issues because the carrier will have access to
the actual information being transmitted when it screens the packet for
billing purposes.  With FreeBand, the content of data passing through the
application is known only to the user and the content provider.

As such, FreeBand not only promotes new, defensible, and diverse revenue
streams for mobile carriers (opening up a dynamic "two-sided" bandwidth
sales model by selling bandwidth directly to content providers for use by
their end-users), but also results in lower content distribution costs for
true content creators (their margins improve as they engage directly with
the end-user) and highly customizable tiers of free and subsidized
bandwidth for the mobile end-user.

Anita Taff-Rice
Box Top Solutions, Inc.
1975 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 5
San Jose, CA 95125

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