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[ NNSquad ] The Rutgers Webcam Suicide Verdict

The Rutgers Webcam Suicide Verdict 

19-year-old Dharun Ravi has been found guilty on most counts associated
with the webcam spying on his Rutgers roommate, who committed suicide.

This is a complicated case but since it involves webcams and privacy,
many people have been asking me about it.

For now I will refer both to a Slate article regarding the verdict:

http://j.mp/FOdyWm  (Slate)

and my original G+ posting earlier today on this topic, that has generated
some spirited debate in the comments:

http://j.mp/wr3k2W  (Google+)

In short, while Tyler Clementi's suicide is a tragedy, I am concerned
that the escalation of this matter from webcam spying by a college
student into the realm of "hate crimes" is inappropriate.
Details in the G+ thread.  Your comments are welcome, of course.

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