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[ NNSquad ] Accused Afghanistan shooter article deleted - but the Net preserves

Accused Afghanistan shooter article deleted - but the Net preserves

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The New York Times is reporting that the accused shooter in the
massacre of Afghanistan civilians is Staff Sgt. Robert Bales.
Various rationals for the actions that took place are now being

http://j.mp/zG6rfv  (New York Times)

"When it all comes out, it will be a combination of stress, alcohol
and domestic issues - he just snapped," said the official, who had
been briefed on the investigation and spoke on the condition of
anonymity because the sergeant has not yet been charged.

  - - -

The Times notes that a 2011 article and photos that include references
to Sgt. Bales have been deleted from a military-oriented Web site.

I often say that it's a mistake to assume that anything is ever really
deleted from the Net once it has been made public.

I have located an archival copy of what appears to be the article in
question, which ironically discusses soldiers including Sgt. Bales
"developing relationships" with the local populace.

A (large) image of the article is available here (be sure to increase
to full size in your browser for reading):

http://j.mp/yBzRPp  (Lauren's Blog / ~360KB)

This is yet another object example of why effectively censoring the
Internet is pretty much impossible, and why trying to do so will
often draw even more attention to the items in question.

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