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[ NNSquad ] "Narcissism on Facebook: Self-promotional and Anti-social Behavior"

"Narcissism on Facebook: Self-promotional and Anti-social Behavior"

"Facebook's Dark Side"

http://j.mp/GzN4WX  (Science Daily)

   "Now, Carpenter is getting worldwide news coverage for his study of the
    "dark side," but on the timely subject of Facebook.  Carpenter's
    study, "Narcissism on Facebook: Self-promotional and Anti-social
    Behavior," is published in the journal Personality and Individual

 - - -

Interestingly, you don't really see this kind of pattern on Google+,
which overall is much more oriented toward meeting new people and
group discussions, rather than dwelling on "me" and the past.  This is
yet another reason why it seems wrongheaded to directly compare
Facebook and Google+ as if they are simply direct competitors for the
same user experience -- they're not.

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