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[ NNSquad ] 'System is blinking red': Alarming rhetoric in push for cybersecurity bills

'System is blinking red': Alarming rhetoric in push for cybersecurity bills

http://j.mp/GAOion  (The Hill)

   "Lawmakers and administration officials have warned of potentially
    catastrophic consequences if Congress doesn't pass cybersecurity
    legislation this year, but some observers question whether the
    rhetoric is overblown."

 - - -

Of course, there isn't significant money to be made warning people
that the imminent risks are much more low tech and intractable -- like
the coordinated (or even uncoordinated) bombing of rural high-tension
power lines that could knock out major portions of the grid, or of
aqueducts providing water to major cities. The concentration on
high-tech cyberwar is largely about the money. Just follow the money.

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