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[ NNSquad ] Video Speed Trap Lurks in New iPad

Video Speed Trap Lurks in New iPad

http://j.mp/GFpbO0  (WSJ)

    "What many consumers may not realize is the new iPad's faster LTE
     connection means they will use more data even if they don't
     change their 3G surfing habits. Take regular video: Verizon
     estimates that streaming it over an LTE connection runs through
     650 megabytes an hour. That's double the amount of data used
     streaming the same video over a 3G link, because the fatter pipe
     lets more data through.  On top of that, the new iPad's sharper
     screen will encourage some users to view videos in
     high-definition, which uses 2 gigabytes an hour on a 4G
     connection, according to Verizon.  With users skittish about
     paying more, wireless carriers are likely to experiment with new
     pricing schemes as they try to squeeze more profits out of their
     new networks."

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