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[ NNSquad ] House GOP plan to gut the FCC

House GOP plan to gut the FCC

http://j.mp/GHwOp0  (Wired)

   "As Rep. Henry Waxman, the Ranking Member of the House Energy and
    Commerce Committee makes clear, the bill will disable the FCC, not
    reform it.  It does this by creating a special set of vague and novel
    procedural hurdles for the FCC to which no other agency is subject and
    that will require another decade of litigation to clarify. It does
    this by significantly reducing the FCC's ability to take the public
    interest into account when considering mergers. And it provides
    innumerable additional routes for mischievous litigation, making every
    single one of the FCC's regulatory analyses in support of a new rule -
    and not just the rule itself - subject to judicial review. Don't like
    the FCC's suggestion that public interest values are worth taking into
    account? Sue, and paralyze the Commission."

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