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[ NNSquad ] Internet Society Hires MPAA's Paul Brigner: Just Flip Over and Shake?

Internet Society Hires MPAA's Paul Brigner: Just Flip Over and Shake?
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I'm getting many queries asking me why the Internet Society (ISOC)
would hire an outspoken advocate of the horrendous and thoroughly
discredited PROTECT IP legislation for the critical role of ISOC
Regional Bureau Director for North America.

Unfortunately, I don't have a logical answer.  A look at Brigner's
own words on the MPAA Blog:

http://j.mp/GJIOX4  (MPAA)

indicate his public disdain for the Internet technical community's 
overwhelming condemnation of PROTECT IP, and his parroting of false
assertions regarding DNSSEC.

In the face of the significant numbers of other potential candidates
who would have been clearly aligned with supposed ISOC sensibilities
on these issues, this hiring decision seems bizarre to say the least.

It is impossible to escape the gnawing feeling that ISOC and Brigner
may have borrowed Mitt Romney's Etch-A-Sketch, in the hope that the
Internet community will quietly forget past policy positions as if
they had never existed at all.

Just flip over and shake, right?

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