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[ NNSquad ] Unraveling a massive click fraud scheme

Unraveling a massive click fraud scheme

http://j.mp/HyfRhj  (A Computer Scientist in a Business School)

   "You have heard about fraud and online advertising. You may have seen
    the Wall Street Journal video "Porn Sites Scam Advertisers", or even
    read the story at today's Wall Street Journal about "Off Screen, Porn
    Sites Trick Advertisers" (Hint: to avoid the WSJ paywall, search the
    title of the article through Google News and click from there, to read
    the full article).  Since I am intimately familiar with the story
    covered by WSJ (i.e., I was part of the team at AdSafe that uncovered
    it), I thought it would be also good to cover the technical aspects in
    more detail, uncovering the way in which this advertising fraud scheme
    operated.  It is long but (I think) interesting. It is a story of a
    one-man-making-a-million-dollar-per-month fraud scheme. It shows how a
    moderately sophisticated advertising fraud scheme can generate very
    significant monetary benefits for the fraudster: Profits of millions
    of dollars per year."

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