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[ NNSquad ] Concerns on the rise re "seamless" Wi-Fi downsides

Concerns on the rise re "seamless" Wi-Fi downsides

Wi-Fi offloading: Who controls your handset?

http://j.mp/IqdbmL  (Fierce Broadband)

   "One of the latest trends in data offloading is client-centric network
    management by the operator, meaning operators are becoming involved in
    controlling which networks (cellular or Wi-Fi) their customers'
    wireless devices access at any given time. This makes perfect sense
    from an operator's standpoint, but, as a consumer, I find the concept

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Operator WiFi: Seamless is the wrong approach

http://j.mp/IqdCxc  (Disruptive Wireless)

   "And finally, there are times when seamless connection is outright bad
    - for example, if a device is "forced" to use a specific network, when
    the user or perhaps an app would prefer a different one. This is
    especially relevant for WiFi, where there are frequently various
    options for connection, with different ownership, speed, price,
    security and features. Most WiFi use is private connectivity (it's
    WLAN - ie wireless ethernet), not offload, and operators have no
    business becoming involved in it.  Think about an iPhone versus an
    iPod Touch. Any WiFi use on the iPod is by definition private - it
    can't be offload as it doesn't have a cellular radio to offload from.
    Therefore the same use on an iPhone should also be considered as
    private WiFi access, not offload, and outside of telco visibility and
    control.  Some of the proposed standards even suggest switching on the
    device WiFi non-consensually by the network (see this post of mine
    about OMA), while others such as the 3GPP's ANDSF tries to push or
    enforce preferences for network selection."
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