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[ NNSquad ] The Cybercrime Wave That Wasn't

The Cybercrime Wave That Wasn't

http://j.mp/HVb4Wi  (New York Times)

   "The cybercrime surveys we have examined exhibit exactly this pattern
    of enormous, unverified outliers dominating the data. In some, 90
    percent of the estimate appears to come from the answers of one or two
    individuals. In a 2006 survey of identity theft by the Federal Trade
    Commission, two respondents gave answers that would have added $37
    billion to the estimate, dwarfing that of all other respondents
    combined.  This is not simply a failure to achieve perfection or a
    matter of a few percentage points; it is the rule, rather than the
    exception.  Among dozens of surveys, from security vendors, industry
    analysts and government agencies, we have not found one that appears
    free of this upward bias. As a result, we have very little idea of the
    size of cybercrime losses."

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