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[ NNSquad ] Walled gardens look rosy for Facebook, Apple - and would-be censors

Battle for the Internet

Walled gardens look rosy for Facebook, Apple - and would-be censors

http://j.mp/I3BV2B  (Guardian)

   Zittrain's real worry is that "the personal computer is dead".  His
   conclusion is a call to arms: "We need some angry nerds" - people
   capable of breaking out of the walled gardens.  Indeed, the US
   government has found some: it has backed projects such as "the
   internet in a suitcase", which could set up a telecommunications
   network inside a country separate from the existing infrastructure.
   Zittrain acknowledges such projects, but for the wider world, he says,
   "convenience is great. I wouldn't call for a return to the green
   blinking cursor of [Microsoft's pre-Windows] MS-DOS or the
   [text-based] Apple II. But we should build architectures that permit
   innovation and experimentation if consumers wish to go 'off-roading'."

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