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[ NNSquad ] Google's Sergey Brin clarifies remarks on Internet threats

Google's Sergey Brin clarifies remarks on Internet threats

http://j.mp/JKeIj9  (Google+)

   "I believe the internet has been one of the greatest forces for good in
    the world over the past quarter century. So when the Guardian
    requested that I speak to them over the past few months about internet
    freedom, I decided it was important to participate.  I think the
    article is a pretty good read but is a short summary of a long
    discussion. My thoughts got particularly distorted in the secondary
    coverage in a way that distracts from my central tenets so I think
    they are worth clarifying here."

 - - -

I think we can boil this down to one essential sentence, leaving aside
the relative valuations of government censorship vs. corporate walled
gardens for the moment (though I would certainly agree with Sergey
that the former is a greater threat than the latter, for a variety of
reasons): An Internet that is not Open represents a potentially grave
risk to freedoms of many sorts -- freedom of speech and other civil
liberties, freedom of commerce, and more -- and that openness is what
we must so diligently work to both preserve and expand.

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