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[ NNSquad ] US Transportation Secretary calls for total ban on cell phone usage when driving

US Transportation Secretary calls for total ban on cell phone usage
when driving

http://j.mp/IBM07Y  (Chicago Tribune)

     U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood called on Thursday for a
     federal law to ban talking on a cell phone or texting while driving
     any type of vehicle on any road in the country.
     But Gary Biller, president of the National Motorists Association, said
     laws banning specific actions like talking on a phone or texting are
     not necessary because those actions are already covered by existing
     distracted-driving laws.

 - - -

Are you on the phone, or are you just talking to yourself?  And when
this ban didn't work, they'd start calling for automatic cutoff
systems, and people will start dying in emergencies. Luckily, the odds
of such legislation actually passing seems markedly slim at this point
(he's talking about all cell phones, not just hand held units).

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