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[ NNSquad ] Sony: Internet video service on hold due to Comcast data cap

Sony: Internet video service on hold due to Comcast data cap

http://j.mp/IVRBEu  (ars technica)

   An executive from Sony said Monday that concerns about Comcast's
   discriminatory data cap are giving the firm second thoughts about
   launching an Internet video service that would compete with cable and
   satellite TV services. In March, Comcast announced that video streamed
   to the Xbox from Comcast's own video service would be exempted from
   the cable giant's 250 GB monthly bandwidth cap.  Sony's Michael Aragon
   was speaking at the Variety Entertainment and Technology Summit.
   Aragon reportedly said Sony was "waiting on clarity" about whether
   regulators would allow Comcast to exempt its own video services from
   the broadband cap.  "These guys have the pipe and the bandwidth," he
   said. "If they start capping things, it gets difficult."

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