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[ NNSquad ] How media "astroturfing" works against Net Neutrality

How media "astroturfing" works against Net Neutrality

The below arrived this morning in a wide-ranging "media queries"
newsletter I receive.  You'll note that the query -- from an
unsurprising source in this context -- did not ask for an expert to
simply discuss the issue, it specifically asked for support for their
anti-neutrality point of view.


 - - -

Summary: Net neutrality on AT&T Ballot, despite drawbacks
Name: Phillip Britt
Category: High Tech


Media Outlet: Heartland Institute Infotech & Telecom News
Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 7 May


A little under 6% of AT&T shareholdedrs have voted to put the
issue of net neutrality on a next year's corporate ballot.

Looking for free market advocates to provide commentary via
e-mail describing how wireless net neutrality will negatively
impact competitiveness, service, pricing.

Commentary needs to include name, title, name of organization
and location of organization. BACKGROUND BELOW:

 AT&T shareholders voted on a proposal calling on the telecom
behemoth to publicly commit to Net Neutrality on its wireless

The gambit worked. The proposal attracted enough votes (5.9
percent) to guarantee it a place on next year's ballot.
Initiative (Open MIC), in a statement.

Meanwhile, Verizon's and Sprint's shareholders will vote on the
same proposal at their upcoming annual meetings.


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