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[ NNSquad ] Jury rules Google violated copyright law, Google moves for mistrial

http://j.mp/KfNoNn  (ars technica)

  "In what could be a major blow to Android, Google's mobile operating
   system, a San Francisco jury issued a verdict today that the company
   broke copyright laws when it used Java APIs to design the system. The
   ruling is a partial victory for Oracle, which accused Google of
   violating copyright law.  But the jury couldn't reach agreement on a
   second critical issue-whether Google had a valid "fair use" defense
   when it used the APIs. Google has asked for a mistrial based on the
   incomplete verdict, and that issue will be briefed later this week."

 - - -

If this kind of insanity had been present decades ago, the entire
Internet, such as it might be, could be essentially owned by AT&T, and
all PCs manufactured perhaps only by IBM. And every commercial (at
least) program written would require payments to whomever managed to
claim ownership of a programming language first. This kind of
"intellectual property" madness is costing us billions and billions of
dollars, and increasingly holding back innovation as would-be
innovators fear someone coming after them demanding payments for
almost every line of code they write.

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