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[ NNSquad ] Upcoming G+ "Hangout On Air" video discussions: CISPA, Google Privacy, More

Upcoming G+ "Hangout On Air" video discussions: CISPA, Google Privacy, More
http://j.mp/JFquNB  (This message on Google+)

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You may recall some months ago when I experimented with the Google+
video conferencing "Hangout" system to conduct a discussion of
identity related issues.  While this was successful, the technical
limitations of the ad hoc and necessarily complex mechanism I used to
preserve the discussion for later YouTube viewing discouraged me from
another round.  Until now.

Google is in the process of deploying their "Hangout On Air" (HOA)
live broadcasting system to Google+ users generally.  While the active
participants in a Hangout are still limited to 10 (admittedly, many
more could become unwieldy quickly), HOAs permit for the live
streaming of the video discussion to essentially an unlimited number
of viewers, both in real-time, and for later viewing via an integrally
recorded YouTube copy of the HOA.  These can be viewed either through
G+ or YouTube.  Viewing either the live stream or archived copy of an
HOA via YouTube does not require an account or login.

Obviously, it is virtually impossible to overstate the likely impact
of this capability to stream live, for free, to the entire world.

My testing of HOA so far has been extremely positive, and I'm planning
to resume my topical discussion sessions as soon as practicable.

Suggestions for early topics have so far included the controversial
CISPA cybersecurity legislation, Google privacy practices, the latest
antitrust allegations against Microsoft, and more.  

If you have other ideas for topics, or if you wish to participate
directly in a serious, on-topic HOA discussion related to such issues,
please let me know.  I'll announce specific HOA sessions as they're


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