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[ NNSquad ] An author switches from Google to Bing, and what happened next

An author switches from Google to Bing, and what happened next

http://j.mp/KPovv4  (Slate)

   "It was astonishingly easy to quit Googling. In Chrome, Google's Web
    browser, I clicked a couple buttons in the Settings tab, and voil, my
    default search engine was Bing. The great thing about Chrome is that
    it remembers your preferences across all your computers-I only needed
    to switch to Bing on my desktop, and there it was on my laptop, too.
    (Thank you, Google!) I made the same change on my iPhone and my iPad.
    The whole thing took 15 seconds and came without any advanced planning
    or any weighing of the potential downsides.
    All that being said, I don't think you should switch. For one thing,
    despite Bing's better design, Google is unquestionably the better
    search engine."

 - - -

There are two particularly interesting aspects to this Slate story.
First, it is empirically demonstrated that Google is not a monopoly,
that switching to Bing is trivially easy, and that Bing gives good
results. The second point is that Google has a better search product
and a range of other excellent services, fair and square.

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